10,000 ili Devices Have Shipped!

10,000 ili Devices Have Shipped!

We at team ili can finally take a huge sigh of relief and finally say that all of our hard work behind the scenes has paid off. We’re super happy to announce that our pre-orders have shipped and ili customers have received their devices safe and sound.

So far, we’re really pleased with the feedback we’ve received and happy to hear customers have already started to take ili with them on their trips. In fact, we’re so grateful for everyone’s support that we decided to add all of our available languages for each device. That’s right, our buyers are able to upgrade their ili devices so it translates to Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.

You can too!

If you’ve purchased ili and want to add all 3 language outputs, please go to https://iamili.com/ilitraveler/

If you haven’t purchased ili but want to, don’t worry, our upcoming holiday sale is starting at the end of November. Stay tuned.