3 tips to improve ili’s translation accuracy

3 tips to improve ili’s translation accuracy

Hello everyone!

In order to get the best out of ili, here are some useful and important tips for improving the translation accuracy of the device!

The first tip is to say one phrase at a time. While ili is capable of translating long sentences to some extent, the translations will be a lot more accurate in short and simple sentences. Be sure to convey one thought with one sentence!

The second tip is to use travel phrases only. Ili has a library of phrases and words which you will most likely use and need while traveling. Make sure to use only travel-related phrases as ili will not work for business conversations or medical situations. Try ili during shopping, dining, or asking for directions!

The third tip is to take extra care with pronunciation. Speak slowly and clearly to make sure ili registers what you are trying to say. Enunciation is key to an accurate translation! Don’t forget to use the ili’s side button to confirm if it picked up your words.

Also, don’t forget to check out example phrases on a guidebook that enclosed in the package!