ili’s Back on Sale for the Holidays

ili’s Back on Sale for the Holidays

That’s right, after a successful pre-order launch which saw 10,000 units shipped, we’re finally ready to start our next sale!

Before we let you in on the details, we just want to say that the support and feedback we’ve received has been, well, awesome to say the least.

Our reviews have been mostly positive (an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 ain’t too shabby) which has given us an extra boost of confidence to move forward and keep making ili better each day!

Alright, back to the sale.

You can purchase ili for the holidays for $199 ($50 off our regular price). However, the sale is limited to only 5 days, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

As for the features, we’re constantly updating the travel library and in case you didn’t hear the good news, 1 ili device includes all 3 available output languages (Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin).

How sweet is that?

If you want to travel easier in these upcoming months or know a fellow traveler who’d love ili as a gift, be sure to check out our main page for more sales information.

Thank you so much and we’ll be updating this space soon, stay tuned.